The RECO is a PCB that connects in between your arcade cabinet/supergun and the JAMMA PCB game offering features such as on-the-fly button layout remapping, rapid-fire, 5 profiles to store your settings, and more.

Programming new button configuration doesn't require touching the RECO, instead, you use a combination of buttons on your control panel to program, save, and load new button configurations.

The PCB remembers the last used profile and automatically loads it when you power on the arcade cabinet. You can also change the profile during gameplay.

The rapid-fire mode comes in two flavors. There is a VSync synchronized mode, where the VSync timing is extracted from the game, and fed to the RECO for the perfect rapid-fire rate synchronization. There are 6 rapid-fire rates to choose from.
There's also an Asynchronous rapid-fire mode that offers precise 30 Hz​, 20 Hz​, 15 Hz, 12 Hz​, 10 Hz,​ and 7.5 Hz​ rapid-fire rates.

The programming mode can also be easily locked using a DIP switch on the RECO, making it a great tool when you organize tournaments or run an arcade business and you don't want the users to change the settings.

The way the button remapping and rapid-fire features work, creates a whole new level of functionality. For example, you can assign multiple buttons to work as button "A", then, you can additionally set a different rapid-fire rate for each button "A" clone if needed.

This system gives an incomparable freedom in experimenting with, and finally using your own button layouts and rapid-fire.

As of version 5.0 the RECO PCB features and OLED screen with an extensive Menu System with a wide array of new possibilities.