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HAS V4.2

HAS V4.2

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Home Arcade System, “HAS” for short, is a device that allows you to play original arcade game PCBs without the need of owning a real arcade cabinet. Think of it as of a game console, only instead of cartridges or discs, you insert arcade game PCBs.


  • JAMMA, JAMMA+, and "CHAMMA" compatible
  • Built-in voltmeter (selectable +5 V/+12 V)
  • Comes with a plexiglass case and a power supply harness
  • 142 x 88 x 35 mm total size with the plexiglass case (133 x 74 mm PCB size)
  • Modular build; can be upgraded using dedicated modules that sit "on top" of the HAS


  • DB15 controller ports (NeoGeo compatible, pinout extended to support buttons 5 and 6)
  • Programmable button layout
  • Programmable rapid-fire (VSync synchronized or asynchronous, 6 different fire rates)
  • Buttons 1-6 on the JAMMA connector (buttons 4-6 can be disabled)
  • Buttons 4-6 on the JST-XH 6 pin “kick harness” connector
  • Test and Service buttons


  • Video output: Fully buffered 0.3-1 Vp-p 75 Ohm RGB (0.7 Vp-p nominal at the default potentiometer position), CSync 0.35 Vp-p 75 Ohm (can be set to TTL ~5 Vp-p 470 Ohm impedance)
  • Audio output: Unbalanced, attenuated to line level; stereo support for the NeoGeo MVS
  • Video on an 8 pin mini-DIN connector (XRGB mini/NESRGB pinout); audio on a 3.5 mm stereo connector or the 8 pin mini-DIN if the 3.5 mm stereo connector is not in use
  • CSync Regeneration feature
  • Selectable raw JAMMA/unprocessed CSync
  • Selectable Video Low Pass Filter
  • Brightness regulation using a single knob
  • Optional HSync and VSync outputs on the PCB (~5 Vp-p, TTL)
  • Can be upgraded to output video through an HD-15 connector (requires an HD-15 module)


  • Power is delivered through a 6 pin JST-VH power connector (GND, +5 V, +12 V, -5 V)


The package includes:

  • a HAS unit
  • a complete plexiglass case (4 mm thick plexiglass cover for top and bottom, spacers and bolts; the case comes unassembled)
  • a power supply cable (~45 cm long, 18 AWG wires in black, red, white, yellow colors)


Disclaimer: You will need a Power Supply Unit (PSU) and a Video Cable of your choosing to power the unit and display output from the HAS. Please see the Setup examples page for recommendations.

Make sure you read and follow the Instruction Manual.

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