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Dual Sega Saturn to DB15 Controller Adapter

Dual Sega Saturn to DB15 Controller Adapter

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17/07/2024 UPDATE: There is up to 10 business days lead time for this adapter.

A Sega Saturn adapter for two players. It connects directly to the DB15 ports on the HAS V5.0 and all future RGB's Lab products with the DB15 ports.

It uses OEM Sega Saturn controller ports and is compatible with official Sega Saturn controllers/arcade sticks, digital only.

The adapter has its own button remapping, rapid-fire and profiles functionality. It operates the same way as the "Legacy Mode" of the HAS V5.0, please refer to the User Guide point 5 -

The difference is that the 7th press on the Saturn adapter is always the Start output and the 8th press is the Coin output.

The remapping/rapid-fire functionality can be toggled on/off. To disable/enable it, hold the Start button on the Player 1 Sega Saturn controller when you power on the HAS. This can be done just once and the adapter will remember your setting when you power it on the next time. It is shipped with the remapping disabled.

Disclaimer: The adapter does not work with the older HAS versions due to a different DB15 ports pitch.

The PCB game, cables, and accessories visible in the photo present a setup example and are not included and shown for illustrative purposes only.

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