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JAMMA Extension Harness

JAMMA Extension Harness

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  • Hard gold plated JAMMA edge contacts
  • ~68 cm total length (~60 cm cables length)
  • 2x16 AWG for GND, 2x16 AWG for +5 V, 1x18 AWG for -5V, 1x18 AWG for +12 V, 22 AWG for everything else
  • DIP switch to enable/disable button 4, 5, and 6 outputs on the JAMMA connector
  • Compatible with the HAS dedicated kick harnesses if used with the HAS or devices capable of outputting 6 buttons through the JAMMA connector
  • Built-in voltmeter to monitor +5 V
  • Plexiglass case for both ends of the harness (4 mm thick plexiglass cover for top and bottom, spacers and bolts; the case comes unassembled)
  • HAS dedicated, but can work with other devices


Optional items

  • CPS-2 kick harness input connector for buttons 4-6 (only needed if your device isn't capable of outputting 6 buttons via the JAMMA connector)
  • TEST and SERVICE buttons (OMRON brand)
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