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The RECO is a PCB that connects in between your arcade cabinet/supergun and the JAMMA PCB game, offering features such as on-the-fly button layout remapping, rapid-fire, 5 profiles to store your settings, and more. As of version 5.0, the RECO is equipped with an OLED screen and an extensive Menu System, which offers a wide array of new possibilities.


  • Hard-gold plated JAMMA edge
  • JAMMA, JAMMA+ compatible.
  • OLED screen
  • Precise dual Voltmeter to monitor the +5 V and +12 V power rails
  • Extensive Menu System
  • Button Test mode to check the device I/O and layout mapping.
  • Programmable Button Layout.
  • Programmable Rapid-Fire (VSync synchronized or asynchronous, 6 different fire rates).
  • Buttons 1-6 on the JAMMA connector (buttons 4-6 can be disabled), making it a "CHAMMA" compatible output.
  • CPS-2 kick harness input for buttons 4-6 (accepts buttons 1-6 via the JAMMA edge).
  • Buttons 4-6 on the JST-XH 6 pin “kick harness” connector that is compatible with the HAS kick harnesses.
  • Test and Service buttons.
  • 5 profiles per player to save the Button Layout and Rapid-Fire Configuration.
  • 5 popular Layout Presets
  • Ability to combine/merge Button Layouts.
  • Selected buttons can work as ON-OFF switches. Can be applied even to Rapid-Fire enabled buttons.
  • Special functions can be assigned to buttons, for example, you can make the buttons work as Coin, Test, a combination of A+B+C+Start, and more.
  • You can assign a special function to Player 1 and Player Start buttons when pressed at the same time.
  • The Start button can be used to coin up, either simultaneously, or with a delay.
  • Automatic PICKnMIX trigger.
  • Coin Chute Emulator for buttons assigned to work as Coin.
  • 3 Device Profiles to store your settings.
  • Tournament Mode for disabling the on-the-fly programming functionality.
  • NeoGeo CP Mode allows you to play 6 button games using just a 4 button Control Panel.
  • Selectable buffered CSync.
  • Comes with a plexiglass case.

The package includes:

  • a RECO unit
  • a complete plexiglass case

  *Make sure you read and follow the User Guide.

 **The JAMMA harness and the PCB game visible in the photo present a setup example and are not included with the RECO PCB set.

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